An Ode To The Pregame

No one ever said being a Real BarStar was easy. Buying drinks for yourself isn’t cheap let alone rounds for your entire crew and whoever else just so happens to cross your path. That’s why it’s important to remember, the power of the pregame.

Most nights that usually end with the best stories somehow tend to have one thing in common, the pregame. Pregaming properly isn’t just about sitting around and getting loaded so you don’t have to spend as much when you go out, it’s about setting the tone for the entire night.

The key to a successful pregame isn’t just about what you choose to drink but rather whom you choose to drink it with. Making sure you have the right group together is the first crucial aspect to throwing a successful pregame. Just think of it more or less as a party, with the exception that the group is destined to regroup elsewhere. So with that being said, make sure that the absolute must have people are in attendance or else the group dynamic is bound to bring the night to a bust.

Some may argue that a successful pregame usually entices the opposite sex, and here at Real BarStars, we mostly condone that opinion as true. However, you don’t need the latter group to be present in order to begin a successful pregame. Instead, make sure the consistency falls into something more important such as music, especially  since women tend to take their time getting ready as is.

In our opinion, the right beats usually go hand in hand with needing another beer to throw back, so finding the right blend of “go tos” for pregaming can be considered essential. It’s not about taste when it comes time for genre. The only thing that matters is, can you move to it? Even more important than the genre is the percentage of old to new jams. It’s imperative to have music that’s not only fresh so the party doesn’t go stale, but also to find the absolute must haves with regards to throwbacks. Something around a 7:3 ratio of new to old tends to be a decent guide for finding that flow to keep the party going.

So with all of that being said, raise a glass, crank some tunes, and here’s an ode to your next pregame.