Black Wednesday

As a precursor to the tradition of Thanksgiving, the wonderful month of November leaves us with a day also know as Black Wednesday. A night in which the best of old friends come together with the changes of our present day, and drinks are shared as stories are told of the time lost between last parting ways.

As a holiday, Thanksgiving brings together most folks, family and friends as a reason to see each other and obviously give thanks. Along with that tradition, we have seen the custom of “Bar-Stardom” give rise and reason to drink become more prevalent.

Whether time has passed since last seeing friends of our youth or reason has come to flaunt the fact that you’re now officially twenty-one, Black Wednesday has quietly grown to become one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first Black Wednesday or your fifth, the concept is still the same. It’s important to do some modern day reflecting at a place that your old hometown openly serves and consumes the spirits of its former flagship, and toasts to the years before and the times still to come.

With the old drinking hole still in tact, and time to kill before being forced to bare the attention of our loved ones, comes a time to toast and cheers to that which we love the most. With a reason to celebrate and a glass to raise, there’s nothing better than catching up and seeing who is where and what has changed.

Sometimes, we learn that not much is different other than the fact you have been gone, yet the simple pleasure of knowing you no longer have to hide the fact that you’ve been drinking is enough to give rise to the fact that it’s nice to be home.

Regardless of how you celebrate, embrace the present and the chance to reminisce with old friends. Embrace the time since you last saw your hometown and how you and it has changed. Embrace all that is around you, and remember, always drink responsibly.