Article by Lauren Felts


Why Kilroy’s on Kirkwood Demands Your Attention

KOK, Roy’s, Kilroy’s. Whatever you call it, Kilroy’s on Kirkwood in Bloomington is the go-to place for food, meeting up with friends and, of course, a notorious Long Island pitcher.

Started in 1975 as just a restaurant, Kilroy’s entered the bustling scene of Kirkwood Avenue just down the street from Indiana University’s Sample Gates. In 1982, they obtained a full liquor license and the rest is history. Kilroy’s is mostly packed on the daily with students, although alumni and parents alike love to go back to their favorite bar for Homecoming, game days (yes, football and basketball) and Little 5. The line tends to wrap around the front of the building onto Dunn Street, but patrons happily wait because they know it’s worth it.

So, what makes it worth it? The atmosphere, the drink specials and the food make Kilroy’s stand out among the crowd. Oh my goodness…the food. Specifically, we’re talking about breadsticks.  These aren’t regular breadsticks, my friends.  They’re stuffed fat with cheese and pepperoni and served with a side of dipping sauces. If breadsticks aren’t your thing, other favorites to try are quesadillas, the California Chipotle Burger and the Cuban.

With more than two dozen flavors available, Kilroy’s is also well known for their Long Island pitchers. These little pitchers pack a big punch and will leave you (and your wallet) feeling good. If you’re up for being adventurous, take a spin on The Wheel of Shots. Each section on the wheel has a different type of shot listed, and wherever it lands, you take that shot. With names like “Girl Scout Cookie” to “Mind Eraser”, the wheel provides the perfect balance to test your fate.

While we’re on the subject of drinks, let’s talk specials. Kilroy’s has unique daily specials that keep people coming back for more. $2 Tuesdays are by far a crowd favorite. Bottled beer, burgers, breadsticks, wings and most liquor are just $2 each. Wednesdays are trivia nights and offer up great prizes. On Thursdays, pay a small cover charge and get a free shirt. Considered a badge of honor on campus, chances are most people have a few KOK shirts in their closet. Finally, starting at 5 p.m. on Friday nights, Kilroy’s offers an after class special with free burgers, pizza and hot dogs, and a plethora of drink specials to keep the end of the week celebration going well into the night.

Once you arrive inside the doors at KOK, you’re guaranteed to see a familiar face. It’s often a popular spot for bar crawls, so it always makes for a fun atmosphere. The roomy outdoor patio area is the perfect spot for after class happy hours, game day Breakfast Club (free breakfast buffet, anyone?) and soaking up that beautiful springtime Bloomington weather.  Inside, KOK keeps it traditional with two large bars that lend itself to that classic college bar atmosphere. There are plenty of screens to watch the Hoosiers and several arcade games for entertainment.

All in all, if you don’t visit Kilroy’s at least once during your college career, you didn’t do IU right. Whether it’s game day or just a Tuesday night, Kilroy’s is the place to be in Bloomington.